About Us

Welcome to Robotsound!

RobotSound is a small team comprising of Sangho Lee and James Lapham who are music producers and enthusiastic gamers.

Here at Robotsound, we specialize in making professional quality music and sound FX for games and other applications.

We have created this site in order to offer the highest quality game sound at as low a price as possible to (indie) game developers, post production houses and film makers. It is hard, especially for those on a tight budget, to find right background music for video games and we hope this site helps.

How to use

The only thing you have to do is ‘find a track’ for your game and ‘use PayPal’ to buy. No hassle, no login, no problems unlike other digital market places.

The item you buy is delivered electronically via email (Paypal email address or specify an email address when paying by credit card)

All tracks are royalty-free, meaning the only expense you’ll have is the one-time fee.

About Licenses (Terms of Use)

1. Games & Apps

You, the purchaser, are licensed to use the music track to create one single product. (You can use the sound effect in an unlimited number of end products)

One single product means only one game or app, if you wish to use it in a 2nd product, you’ll need to purchase a license again.

2. Web- based or Non- commercial

If your content is web-based or non-commercially distributed, then you can use this license for unlimited projects, worldwide in perpetuity. (You can also use the sound effect in an unlimited number of end products)

3. TV and Film Licenses

Please contact us.

In Common

This is a non-exclusive, resale license, which gives you only permission to use the track in your commercial product.

Other developers may purchase the same non-exclusive resale license for the same track, and use the same track in their product. Exclusive use of content may be granted under request.

It doesn’t matter how many copies of your product are sold once you have purchased the track. There are no royalties to be paid later.

You may alter the tracks any way you like, such as making adjustments to the file in order to increase or decrease the overall volume, adjust the loop or change file types. If you need any help, Contact us to request edits.

You can’t re-distribute the item as a musical item or sound effect, as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files, even if you modify the item.

Copyright, distribution rights and other intellectual property rights are owned by RobotSound and protected by law. All tracks at RobotSound are registered in US copyright office.|

File Versions and Formats

There are normally two versions of tracks, ‘Loop’ version and ‘Loopable Ending’ version. One of them is fixed as a default file when purchased, but if you wish to use the other version, we will send you the other version of file on request.

We offer you all of our tracks as mp3 files encoded at 320 Kbps. If you need any other formats like Wav file (uncompressed) or OGG (known as more seamless looping format option), we will send you the files in the other format right away.

Coupons and Sales

RobotSound normally issues a discount coupon as a way of saying “Thanks” for being a valued customer.

Simply apply the coupon code during purchase in cart. The coupon is based on percent and will take off the list price on the item you are about to buy.

We also offer discounted sales prices on a limited-time basis. Check out our site more carefully in holiday seasons!

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